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Adopt the Hippos


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Adopt the hippos at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoo.

What’s inside the adoption gift pack?

When you adopt the hippos you will receive an exciting adoption pack full of hippo goodies including:

  • A personalisable certificate of adoption
  • An information booklet all about hippos
  • A hippo notebook and pencil
  • Two hippo photo postcards
  • Hippo stickers, badges and a bookmark
  • Email newsletter updates
  • Upgrades - Choose to add extras to the pack. Take a look below at the available options!

Your hippo adoption lasts for one year from the date you sign up to the adoption newsletters.


Who is the adoption for? Name to be included on certificate:

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Choose from our range of gifts below to create your very own bespoke adoption pack. Once you've chosen everything you would like, they will appear here:

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    Please note, only one of each adoption can be added. See our Adoptions FAQs.




    Select the gifts to include in your adoption pack:

    Endangered animals pin badge
    Endangered animals pin badge
    Product body: 

    Show your support for endangered animals with this pin badge.

    Perfect to pin on to your coat or bag, the pin badge features a map of the world with some of the most endangered animals and where they come from.  

    endangered animals mug
    Endangered Animals Mug
    Product body: 

    Enjoy your favourite hot drink whilst showing your support for endangered animals with this endangered species mug.

    Made from china this mug is illustrated with a map of the world which features some of the world’s most endangered animals.

    On the back of the mug there is a list of all the names of the animals featured on the front, including species like the pangolin, tiger and black rhino.

    Endangered animals magnetic pen
    Endangered animals magnetic pen
    Product body: 

    Show your support for endangered animals with this ballpoint pen.

    This brightly coloured pen features an illustration of an African elephant and ‘Endangered Species’ which is written across the side. 

    Handy in your bag, at home or at your desk and perfect when paired with the matching endangered animals notebook.

    Endangered animals canvas bag
    Endangered animals canvas bag
    Product body: 

    Show your support for endangered animals with this tote bag.

    This practical cotton bag is perfect for shopping and days out, is lightweight and easy to fold away and put in your bag or pocket.

    This bag features a map of the world showing some of the world’s most endangered species.


    Threats to the hippos

    In 1993 it was estimated that there were 2000-3000 pygmy hippos left in the wild, this figure is likely to have declined since then. The pygmy hippo is listed as ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

    The main causes of the decline of this unique species are habitat loss through the destruction of the hippo’s forest habitat by logging, mining and farming, which increases the chance of hippo’s being hunted as they are brought closer to humans.

    How is ZSL helping?

    Very little was known about the pygmy hippo so ZSL completed research in Liberia into where they live and the threats they face using methods such as camera trapping. From this work ZSL and our partners, we managed to get the first photos of wild pygmy hippos in the country using camera trap technology.

    Off the back of this work ZSL held the first ‘International Pygmy Hippo Conservation Strategy Planning Workshop’ in Liberia and produced a conservation strategy to help the hippos in the country and worked alongside a team from Njala University to protect hippos in Sierra Leone.

    How does an adoption help the hippos?

    By adopting the hippos you are showing your love and support for this wonderful species. The adoption helps fund ZSL’s worldwide conservation work including our pioneering camera trapping technology, as well as providing care for the hippos as ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.


    Standard delivery (Brown Hare service) in the UK is £3.99 but you can upgrade to Special Delivery (Cheetah service) for £6.99 

    To find out more, check out our Shipping info page


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