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Adopt the Tigers


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Adopt the tigers at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoo.

What’s inside the adoption gift pack?

When you adopt the tigers you will receive an exciting adoption pack full of tiger goodies including:

  • A personalisable certificate of adoption
  • An information booklet all about tigers
  • A tiger notebook and pencil
  • Two tiger photo postcards
  • Tiger stickers, badges and a bookmark
  • Email newsletter updates
  • Upgrades - Choose to add extras to the pack like a tiger cuddly toy or a tiger experience at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. Take a look below at the available options!

Your tiger adoption lasts for one year from the date you sign up to the adoption newsletters.


Who is the adoption for? Name to be included on certificate:

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Choose from our range of gifts below to create your very own bespoke adoption pack. Once you've chosen everything you would like, they will appear here:

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    Please note, only one of each adoption can be added. See our Adoptions FAQs.




    Select the gifts to include in your adoption pack:

    Tiger beanie, 9cm
    Tiger beanie, 9cm
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    This adorable little tiger beanie toy fits into your hand and makes a lovely little memento from your trip to the zoo.

    There are fifteen collectable animals to choose from making these beanies perfect for party bags.

    Tiger mug
    Tiger Mug
    Product body: 

    Made from fine bone china this mug has two beautiful illustrations each side of a tiger. Complemented on a yellow background with a paw print inside adding a cute touch.

    This Tiger mug is perfect for your favourite hot drink whether it’s at home or in the office.

    This Tiger mug is a great gift for Tiger lovers.

    Tiger soft toy, 20cm
    Tiger soft toy, 20cm
    Product body: 

    Soft and adorable, this tiger toy is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves tigers!

    Each adorable cuddly tiger has a striped fluffy coat made from super soft plush, with cute button eyes and nose.

    This tiger soft toy is the perfect size for small hands and tagging along on day trips.

    Threats to tigers

    There are only 5 subspecies of tigers left in the world including the Bengal, Amur, Sumatran, Indochinese and South China tiger.

    The main threats to these magnificent species are habitat destruction and, increasingly, illegal hunting and poaching for their fur and body parts.

    How is ZSL helping?

    ZSL does important conservation work all over the world for tigers including these key initiatives:

    Amur tigers in Russia - We use camera traps to track poaching on tigers, and are building relationships with people in this area to increase the awareness of protecting these fantastic animals.

    Indochinese tigers in Thailand – We work alongside Thailand’s Department of National Parks to monitor tigers in forests and wildlife sanctuaries across the country. Locating core tiger areas helps law enforcement patrol these areas more effectively to reduce poaching.  

    Sumatran tigers in Indonesia - Our field teams work directly to counter poaching activities, resolve conflicts between tigers and humans and track tigers with GPS to enable us to protect them more effectively.

    Bengal tigers in Nepal - We are monitoring Bengal tigers to better understand how to protect them from threats, through community projects and habitat and prey species management.

    How does an adoption help the tigers?

    By adopting the tigers you are showing your love and support for this beautiful, endangered species. The adoption helps fund ZSL’s conservation work for tigers in Russia, Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal, as well as providing care for the tigers as ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.


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