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Gift of Kitchen Utensils

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Help set up a homestay to build an independent future for people and create a safe home for rhinos

By giving a gift donation you could help provide kitchen utensils for a homestay in Nepal, creating a sustainable livelihood for a family who no longer has to use the forest's resources. 

With a helping hand, communities can lift themselves out of poverty, and help care for and live peacefully alongside thriving forests, without relying on them for resources. 

How it works:

We will send a decorative postcard telling the recipient all about their donation gift and how their gift is helping wildlife and people.


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UK Aid Match


In the borderlands of national parks in Nepal, poverty pushes people to enter the forests for resources, risking their lives and destroying important wildlife habitat. 

As demand for land increases in Nepal people are living side-by-side with wildlife. Both rely on the forest’s resources to survive. Poverty makes rural life tough — and it gets even tougher when wild animals trample crops and eat livestock. When their livelihoods are threatened, some people are pressured into wildlife crime to support their families. 


For People. For Wildlife

This project will build new sustainable livelihoods that will alleviate poverty, creating long-term independence for rural villagers and allowing forests to thrive without human-wildlife conflict or wildlife crime.

Without the pressures of poverty, communities can become ambassadors for their wildlife and be resilient against the illegal wildlife trade, protecting their forests from bushmeat hunting and poaching

Where the money goes

Donations such as these will help wildlife through science, education and conservation. Match funding from the UK government, unlocked by public donations, will help communities in Nepal and Kenya to build sustainable livelihoods, escape poverty and protect their wildlife. 

Until 31 December, all donations will be doubled by the UK government, up to a total of £2 million, so your donation will make double the difference!

Case study: Homestay in Nepal

Krishna grew up totally reliant on the forest. His dad and older brother were trapped in bond labour (forced labour to pay off debts) and had to enter the forest to find anything they could to sell to survive. As an adult, Krishna set up a guesthouse but it was tough without investment. ZSL helped by providing a start-up loan and training for Krishna and others in the area. Now they and their families make their own money – working with nature guides to promote eco-tourism and protect of the forest that surrounds them.

“We Tharu are related to the forest. As close as nail is to skin. I love the tiger because it is supposed to be king of the forest, but is really shy.

My motto is 'homestay saves our culture, saves our nature and works for our community”

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