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Playmobil Hippo with calf pouch

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Go wild with this fun hippopotamus playset.

The set features an adult and baby hippopotamus figurine with moveable head and legs.

This playset is great for imaginative play.

The set includes:
X1 Mother Hippo
X1 Baby Hippo

Suitable for 4 years +


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Threats to Hippos

Studies have shown that pygmy hippo populations have plummeted and their numbers are still declining. The species is classified as endangered, caused by hunting and the destruction of their forest habitat from logging, mining and farming.

How is ZSL helping?

ZSL has collaborated with Fauna and Flora International and Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority to ensure the pygmy hippo receives the help it needs. Through the use of camera trapping technology, we were the first to capture live images of pygmy hippos in the wild in Liberia.

In 2010, ZSL began work with a team from Niala University in Sierra Leone to conduct research and to help create the necessary strategies to help pygmy hippo’s population in the country.

Find out more

Your purchase will help support ZSL’s mission, which means you’re helping to protect wildlife!

To find out more about ZSL's hippo conservation work, please click here

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