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Playmobil Penguin Pool Play set

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Take care of the penguins at the zoo with this Playmobil penguin enclosure play set.

Help the penguin keeper feed the six hungry penguins and clean their enclosure which can be filled with water.

The enclosure includes a slide so that the penguins can splash into the water and an information plaque can be attached to let zoo visitors know all about these adorable animals.

The set features:
X1 penguin keeper
X2 large penguins
X4 baby penguins
X4 fish
X1 penguin pool with slide
X1 broom
X1 penguin enclosure sign

Suitable for 4 years +


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Threats to Penguins

Penguin populations are slowly declining. Penguins like the Rockhopper penguins are now listed as ‘Endangered’. The main cause of the decline is climate change, overfishing and ocean pollution. The main threat that has to be addressed is the amount of plastic entering the ocean. Plastic can easily be ingested by marine animals, which has a profound effect on their health and wellbeing.

How is ZSL helping?

ZSL have collaborated with Selfridges and created a programme named ‘Project Ocean’ which builds awareness around the problem of plastic in our oceans. In the first year of this project, £20 million was raised to help create a 50 hectare marine reserve in the Philippines. ZSL and Selfridges continue to focus on combating overfishing and protecting marine animals like penguins from plastic pollution.

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by Agnes Segal

3- year old grand daughter loves the fact that the penguin pool can be filled with real water and she thinks the penguin chicks are very cute. I can see a lot of play value ahead, but on her actual birthday it did not hold her attention very long because of the other distractions.