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Flying Squirrel Soft Toy, 15cm

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This super cool flying squirrel will be sure to make a perfect friend.

Made from super soft plush along with beady eyes, embroidered features. This flying squirrel soft toy has detailed patagium which allows the squirrels to glide from one tree to another.

This wonderful lifelike flying squirrel is 15cm in size, ideal for cuddling and taking on adventures!


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by Leo

This is actually a sugar glider (a marsupial), not a flying squirrel! That aside, I really like this toy, it’s very soft and its flat shape is quite fun to handle and roll up, plus it’s super adorable! Also bigger than I thought, its more like 17cm long, 34 cm if you include the tail.


by Elise Mann

Definitely a sugar glider, although the real sugar glider I was lucky enough to hold once was far smaller than this lovely toy. Really nice. love it. Strokable as anything!