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Hatch your own penguin egg

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Have lots of fun watching your very own penguin egg hatch. 

Simply place the egg in water for 24-48 hours and watch the egg start to hatch before your eyes.

Once the penguin is hatched, you will get your own penguin model to care for!

Perfect gift for children.


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by E Allan

A birthday gift for a 9 year old. Thoroughly enjoyed the process of hatching their own penguin. The model inside the egg is not quite what we expected, as it seems to be made of a gelatinous substance. It was very squishy when hatched, but becoming more solid as it dries out.

by Nataliya

This creature inside the egg looks nothing like a penguin or any other known to humans animal or bird. My daughter’s expectations were really high and she’s been patiently waiting for 72 hours for the egg to hatch just to be hugely disappointed of the outcome. It would be more fair just to ask for £5 donation than to mislead a child. Such a shame! I wish I could attach the image of the “penguin” to this review. Avoid!


by D Weaver

A friend had a flamingo egg which gave a lot of enjoyment. I decided to get the penguin egg for my husband's family with lots of children. It caused great excitement and anticipation. I was not there for the hatching but heard great reports.


by L Benson

Amazing and great fun


by Linda Sutton

This does not resemble a fluffy baby penguin in the slightest. My 3 year old granddaughter is expecting Eric from ‘Happy Feet II’ this however, this ‘thing’ is more like Derek from some 1970’s horror film. I’ve now had to order a fluffy penguin from eBay and somehow try and switch the contents before my granddaughter suspects something is awry! What was a little memento from Whipsnade zoo has mounted up to over £13. 00 I would rather have given a five pound donation to help penguins stay on the straight and narrow! My little granddaughter has been enraptured by the process it’s such a pity I’ve had to maneuver the outcome. The original model is a hideous gel like alien which I am sure is something she does not want. Don’t waste your money.


by Ellen



by christine willmott

nothing like a penguin not like anything on this planet . sad as my g-son was looking forward to seeing this hatch . got it for his 9th birthday . waste of money time and everything else . i could sew one that looks more like a penguin than this horrible mess