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Pangolin Soft toy, 60cm


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The pangolin is one of the world’s most endangered species due to poaching and habitat loss.

This pangolin soft toy is made from super soft plush and is anatomically correct and measures the same as a Chinese pangolin (approximately 40 - 58 cm). The cuddly animal has the correct shape and number of claws so that it appears as lifelike as possible. 

Its face is true to life, including button eyes, small ears and a long pink tongue.

This realistic looking pangolin soft toy is perfect for cuddling.


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by Anna S

Something slightly different that is beautiful, fun and cuddly! Prompt delivery, personal note included which was a lovely touch - buy buy BUY!

by Neil

The perfect pangolin present for a pal! Very good service. Even got a personal thank you card :-)

by A. Sims

Well made and utterly adorable

by Helen B

This pangolin is gorgeous! I've taken it round our Campus at work and hardly anyone I asked knew what it was. Most thinking it was an Anteater (close!). So it's done lots of awareness teaching about the 8 spp. I am a bit bonkers about xenarthrans :)